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13-15 May 2014
4ème Symposium on the geological storage of CO2
Burgos, Espagne

After Pau in 2010, Ponferrada in 2011 and Orleans in 2012. It will be followed on May 15 with a seminar Platform Spanish technology (PTECO2) around activities in CO2 capture and storage, with the presentation of the most recent publications, projects and research priorities for the coming years.

This year's theme will focus on the place of injection Hontomín pilot site in the context of the development of European research and target the pilot sites and European projects. In addition, the morning of May 15 will be devoted to the presentation of the activities of the Spanish PTECO2 technology platform.
 Detailed program and practical information to register on the conference website: http://ciuden.es/index.php/es/congreso-inicio

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