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20-22 May 2014
9th CO2GeoNet Open Forum- Horizon CO2 Storage
Venice, Italy
The annual CO2GeoNet Open Forum in Venice has become an outstanding event in Europe, providing a key opportunity for stakeholders (including EU representatives, industry, regulators, public authorities, NGOs, and the research community) to meet and interact directly with Europe’s largest group of researchers on CO2 geological storage.

CO2GeoNet, the European Network of Excellence on the geological storage of CO2, is a scientific non-profit Association.

In Europe, CO2 storage is moving forward and 2014 – 2015 is an important time when many critical decisions about the future of CCS in Europe will be made.
The scientific community has much to discuss: during the CO2GeoNet Open Forum recent research advances will be presented to a wide audience in an esily understandable way for non-specialists, in order to provide a sound basis for discussing key issues and documents regarding the implementation of CO2 geological storage in Europe.
The CO2GeoNet Open Forum is a unique opportunity for stakeholders and major players in the CCS arena and wider energy – climate debate to meet and interact directly with Europe's largest group of researchers on CO2 geological storage.
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