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December 2015
COP21: The Club CO2 support CCUS

Climate change and CO2 management: local solutions for the short term, global solutions for the longer term

The Club CO2 brings together the actors from industry and research in France in the field of carbon capture, storage and utilization of CO2.

The Club CO2 welcomes the holding of the Conference of the Parties, this year, in Ile de France and offers to contribute to discussions and exchanges on climate change to be held on this occasion.

Club members, from SMEs or representatives of large industrial groups or researchers, worked together to develop a position paper address to the French authorities.


Club CO2 designed an informative video on CCUS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKsDMJUlXY8

ClubCO2_POSITION-PAPER-COP21-EN.pdf (pdf - 1925 Ko - 2019/01/16)

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