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11-12 june 2014
EUROPEAN CCS DAY- Informations
Le Havre

Club CO2 in conjunction with Le Havre city council, GCCSI and CO2GeoNet, is organizing a workshop on European pilot and demonstration projects on CO2 capture and storage–lessons learned and the way forward

Club CO2, in conjunction with Le Havre city council, GCCSI and CO2GeoNet, is organizing a “EUROPEAN CCS DAY” on 12th June 2014 at Le Havre in Normandie, 200 kms NW of Paris.

The event includes a workshop focusing on the experience gained from European CCS pilot and demo plants, followed by a debate on the lessons learned and the way forward.

From many perspectives, 2014 can be considered as a pivotal year for CCS in Europe: what lessons can be learned from the European CCS demo program? What’s the best way forward? What experience can be gained from pilot and demo projects? How can we foster European and international cooperation, and what key actions should be launched in the context of COP21 hosted by France in 2015?

The EUROPEAN CCS DAY will address these and other questions by bringing together representatives from the major CCS pilot and demo plants and relevant institutions from all over Europe to share their experience and views.

The European CCS DAY workshop is organized in two parts :

On June 11, participants will also have the opportunity to visit the nearby capture pilots in operation (EDF) and under construction (AIR LIQUIDE).

On June 12, key-notes address by Chris Davies, 2 roundtables on CO2 capture and CO2 storage, followed by a panel debate with participants from industry, the European Commission, national governments and international institutions.


The two roundtables will focus on lessons learned from various CCS projects and demo plants. The aim of the PANEL DEBATE is to complete the conclusions of the morning roundtables by discussing the reasons that led to the situation (unfavorable to CCS), which we know today :


- How to explain the gap between the urgency of the fight against greenhouse gases (acknowleged by all stakeholders) and the lack of dynamism for new CCS projects ?


- What should we do in order to reach the objectives that the EU fixed in terms of emission reduction ?


- What proposals / recommendations can be made to policy makers, in the perspective of the COP21 meeting in Paris ?



Place : Workshop on 12th June take place take place in Graville Abbey (see "practical informations for adress).


Fee : The registration fee is 50 euros per person and it will be devoted to a voluntary carbon offset program that was initiated and supported by our partner the NGO GERES. Your registration will directly support the CEnAO project in order to prevent deforestation and improve the use of domestic energy.


For more information, see the website: www.geres.eu/en/climate-and-energy-in-west-africa-cenao

Project funded: CEnAO in Mali (Climate and Energy programme in West Africa): In order to preserve natural resourcesand to ensure a sustainable development of the domestic energy sector, the project promotes the use of improved stoves and renewable fuels (biomass).

Wood is the energy of the poor and often represents more than 80% of the energy of developing countries, contributing to massive deforestation. Promoting the efficient use of energy from wood and supporting the sustainable management of forests, are priorities. Wood has to be considered a precious resource as it is in rich countries.Involving the private sector and initiating sustainable R&D funding are also goals of the CEnAO project. It is also worthwhile to note that West Africa is one of the regions that is most vulnerable to the impact of climate change.




For more information and registration, see the website of "European CCS DAY " workshop: www.workshop-europeanccsday.ademe.fr                        

CCSDAYWorkshop_11-12June_CLUB CO2.pdf (pdf - 608 Ko - 2014/03/18)

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