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September 12 & 13 2013
RIH-2013: CO2: Spare or spend for ?
Le Havre

Economic sustainability of a CCTS sector could be reached by 2020-2025 but to date, only CO2 recovery can make up for the cost of capture and thus allow, within a short period of time, implementation of the Kyoto protocol. As a result, improvement of flexibility of industrial systems and their energy efficiency, development of smarts-grids and green chemistry are priorities.


The “Rencontres Internationales du Havre 2013” will make it possible to take stock of the developments of industrial ecology in identified basins by promoting shared management of flows of energy and material, their storage, integration into industrial systems of decontamination processes, energy recovery and management of sectors of transformation downstream CO2 and energy.


For more information: http://www.rih-lehavre.com/2013-symposium-co2-spare-for-spend-for-sustainable-development-maritime-territories-activities-normandy-76-27-14.asp

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